We are located at the base of the Sierra Nevada
mountains near Reno, NV.  Our introduction to
Nigerian Dwarf Goats bloomed into a passion had
by the entire family. We chose Nigerian Dwarfs
because they produce delicious milk and stay small
(around 21" tall) which makes it easy to keep them
on small acreage. They are easily handled by
children and they come in just about any color or
combination of colors you can imagine! Nigerian
Dwarfs have wonderful personalities and while
they are the smallest dairy goat breed, they hold
their own in milk production.

We are members of ADGA (American Dairy Goat
Association) and AGS (American Goat Society) and
all of our herd members are registerable through
NDGA (Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association) as well.  
For more about us at Sierra Aspen Ranch please
click on the
About Us page.  We take our goats to
as many shows as possible each year and
participate in ADGA Linear Appraisal.

We test annually for CAE, CL and Johnes prior to
breeding each year. Our whole herd tested
NEGATIVE 10/11/13!  Visitors are welcome any
time by appointment. We encourage potential goat
owners to visit prior to purchase if possible. We
ask that you respect our concerns regarding
biosecurity when visiting. We vaccinate annually
for CD/T. Since we are in a mineral deficient
zone, we supplement according to their needs.

Our goal is to raise and breed healthy show quality
kids who excel in dairy character and milk
production.  Each year we will have several
wethers and on occasion may have non-show
quality does available to pet homes. Please see the
Kidding Schedule for pricing and more
information. We have invested in top quality
Nigerian Dwarfs from herds all over the country
and provide the best feed and care possible.

NEWS:  8/14/14

We are proud to announce our lovely 2 year
old Skye has earned the Superior Genetics
title from ADGA!!! SG Sierra Aspen Sky Pilot
will be getting extra hugs and kisses (yes we
DO hug and kiss our goats) tonight!!

As of our August milk test, Skye and Toffee
appear to have qualified to earn their milk
stars.  Elphie freshened a couple months
later than the rest of our girls so she has
time to catch up.

8/1/14 - Our 2014 Linear Appraisal session
is complete! We are very happy with all of
our animals scores and as always learned a
ton! Scores are posted on each goat's
individual page which can be accessed either
off the Herdbook or Kidding Schedule pages.

6/5/14 - The website has been updated
including our
2015 Kidding Schedule, the doe
pages and reference page.  We have added a
page for our junior herdsire Sierra Aspen BI
Vincent Vega.

We want to shout out a big congratulations to
Elizabeth Ahola in CO for her Skye X Gunner
daughter Sierra Aspen SW Sonic Boom
earning Jr Reserve Champion one weekend
and the following weekend earning Jr Grand
Champion at just under 3 months old!

5/27/14 - Our new addition Algedi Farm MH
Andante is home and settled into the herd
quite nicely. She is a gorgeous doe and we are
very excited for her to freshen spring 2015!

2/17/14 - We have added an
Information/Links page with resources like
our herd management practices, our kidding
kit as well as links to other sites we visit on a
regular basis. It is still under development,
but feel free to check it out.

Upcoming Events**:

8/23 - 8/24/14 Delta DGA 2 ring show plus
youth events - Stockton

8/31/14 - SFDGA 1 ring show - Auburn

9/7/14 GCDGA 2 ring show - Placerville

** IF you know of other shows or events in Nevada or
Northern California please email and it will be added to
the list.
Site Updated 8/29/2014
The two who started it all! Sierra and
our horse Aspen. The origin of our herd
name Sierra Aspen Ranch
(Picture digitally painted by Tana Penfold)